Holiday Cookery Courses

Welcome to Holiday Cookery Courses

Welcome to Holiday Cookery Courses. We run luxury Gourmet holidays, luxury Wellbeing & Cooking retreat holidays, weekend Foodie Breaks and Day Cooking Classes in the Chamonix valley, in the glorious French Alps.

Our 6 day, all inclusive, luxury residential holidays include: Gourmet Food & Wine holidays, Health & Wellbeing holidays and Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga holidays.

We also have a wide range of fun and informative Day Courses including Gluten Free cooking lessons, Vegetarian cooking courses, Vegan cookery class, Game & Wild Meat day courses and a Super Food: Seeds, Beans & Pulses cooking workshop.

Our breaks & courses are a combination of cooking demonstrations by chefs, hands-on cooking lessons with chefs, restaurant & market visits, wine tastings on the gourmet holidays and personal training or yoga sessions on the wellbeing holidays.

Gourmet Holiday Cookery Courses

Photo montage of a group having cooking lessons on a Chamchef  holiday cookery course in Chamonix, France and some Porcini Mushrooms and some canapes

Immerse yourself in the gastronomic culture of French, Italy and Switzerland. The Gourmet holiday introduces both new cooks and seriously dedicated chefs to fantastic food and wine. The 6 day holiday includes cooking demos, hands-on lessons with chefs, a wine tasting, a Michelin starred restaurant visit and a visit to our local market. Discover new techniques, recipes, flavour combinations and presentation styles.

2017 Gourmet Courses Dates: Sun 11th - Sat 17th June / Sun 17th - Sat 23rd Sept / Sun 24th - Sat 30th Sept

2018 Gourmet Courses Dates: Sun 3rd - Sat 9th June / Sun 10th - Sat 16th June / Sun 22nd - Sat 28th July / Sun 16th - Sat 22th Sept / Sun 23rd - Sat 29th Sept

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Health & Wellbeing Cookery Courses

The Healthy Cooking & Wellbeing Course has been designed to showcase some of the latest thinking in healthy eating alongside some of the latest health & fitness training programs. Combining how you eat already with new dietary ideas we will try out in the week, we will help you work out a personalised healthy eating plan and give you tips on how you can practically fit it into your lifestyle. We cover the pros & cons for individuals of gluten free, lactose free, high fat, Paleo, low carb diets, FODMAP & other exclusion diets for those with dietary issues and promote good old fresh, seaonal healthy cooking alongside any of these that works for you.

2017 Health & Wellbeing Cooking Course Dates: Sun 18th - Sat 24th June / Sun 16th - Sat 22nd July / Sun 1st - Sat 7th Oct

2018 Health & Wellbeing Cooking Course Dates: Sun 24th - Sat 30th June / Sun 30th Sept - Sat 6th Oct / Sun 7th - Sat 13th Oct

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Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga Courses

2017 Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga Courses Dates: Sun 25th June - Sat 1st July / Sun 10th - Sat 16th Sept / Sun 8th - Sat 14th Oct

2018 Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga Courses Dates: Sun 17th - Sat 23rd June / Sun 15th - Sat 21st July / Sun 2nd - Sat 8th Sept / Sun 9th - Sat 15th Sept

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Day Courses in Chamonix

Brush up your skills or learn some new ones. Our day courses are fun and informal chef run cooking lessons with a morning & afternoon cooking class, a sit down lunch and a chance to take a stroll around the area in the middle of the day. There is sometimes an option of a sociable dinner with wine at the end of the day (so you may want to book an Air BnB for the night!).

Day courses are run in the Chamonix valley - 1 hours drive from Geneva or Annecy, and just through the Mont Blanc tunnel from Italy. They make great gifts too! Ask about our Gift Vouchers.

Gluten Free Day Courses / Autumn Game Day Courses / Super Foods Day Courses

Book a Course Now

As we only do small group holidays, I personally take the bookings & put together all the courses - so why not just ring me direct if you are interested in one of our courses? This is often the easiest way to book, and I can answer any questions and help with any personal details or requests.

Emma Lawrenson French mobile: +33 6 84 92 44 46

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Course Info

Our courses are run May to October. Courses run with a minimum number of 5 clients for Day Courses and 6 clients for residential Holiday Courses. Once you have paid your deposit, we will confirm a course is running when it has the minimum numbers & will then take final payment. Your deposit is refundable if the course does not have final numbers 8 weeks before the course date.

What does 'All Inclusive' Mean?
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